By Margaret Lyons
Updated July 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Around these parts, we often lament the chronic sameness of entertainment, how every movie seems like a sequel or a rip-off or a watered-down version of something else. So imagine my delight and surprise to hear about The Beaver, the newest in-the-works project from Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson. Just…go with it.

The film, which topped last year’s “blacklist” of awesome-but-unproduced screenplays, is about a man who “wears a beaver puppet on his hand that he treats as a real person. Those familiar with the script have compared it to Lars and the Real Girl and the work of Charlie Kaufman,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Foster is set to direct and co-star as the beaver-handed Gibson’s wife.

First, let’s take a little break to make every possible lewd “beaver” joke in our heads. [Take as much time as you need.] Okay, now that our minds are out of the gutter, put me in the “hell yes” category. Does this sound weird and kind of stupid, and do I expect the beaver to resemble Uncle Joey’s woodchuck puppet, and might this be just nine kinds of terrible? Certainly. However! I want stuff that’s different; I want to be dazzled by imagination and creativity. I want to be surprised and impressed, and I want a wider variety of stories and storytellers. So if that means that sometimes I have to resist the urge to make a tasteless joke about locker room terminology for genitalia, so be it. You?

addCredit(“Gibson: David Gabber/PR Photos; Foster: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos”)