Keeping up with Joshua Leonard, Heather Donahue, and more

By John Young
Updated July 10, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Shot on a minuscule budget, The Blair Witch Project scared up $249 million globally. EW tracked down the film’s stars (yes, they were actors) and codirectors to see how they’re surviving.

Joshua Leonard
”After Blair Witch, I got a lot of work for too much money that I absolutely did not deserve,” says Leonard, 34, referring to parts in such movies as Men of Honor and Deuces Wild. He continues to act (in addition to this month’s Humpday, he has an upcoming role on HBO’s Hung) and is preparing to direct his first feature, Everything’s Alright, an L.A.-set dark comedy that’s slated to star 50 Cent.

Heather Donahue
Blair Witch gave me permission to have another life,” says Donahue, 35. That new life included swearing off acting (her last role was in 2008’s direct-to-DVD horror film The Morgue) and setting up a farm in Northern California with ”27 chickens, red Russian kale, and heirloom tomatoes.” Donahue is also writing a book about her farming venture, which has its own share of horror: ”Foxes ate the chickens.”

Michael C. Williams
”Ten years ago, I wanted to be a movie star,” says Williams, 35. ”But if that’s not going to happen, I just want to be around acting as much as I can.” While Williams still lands the occasional gig (he guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU earlier this year), he’s shifted his attention to other endeavors. Now living in Westchester County, N.Y., he’s teaching acting to kids and started his own theater company.

Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
Myrick, 45, directed the thriller The Objective (now on cable via on demand), and Sánchez, 40, helmed Seventh Moon, an Amy Smart film debuting on DVD in October. While neither has managed to replicate Blair Witch‘s success, they’re not bitter. ”I wake up every morning counting my blessings because I get to make movies,” says Myrick. Plus, the two say they hope to revisit Witch someday.