''The Bachelorette'': Wed' departure -- The host gives us the scoop on the controversial contestant

By EW Staff
Updated July 10, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Wes is gone, Wes is gone. Things deteriorated pretty fast between Wes and Jillian and it was obvious who was going home by the time we got to the rose ceremony, but it didn’t matter because you knew Wes’ ego wouldn’t allow him to go quietly into that Spanish night.

Let me start this off by giving you my true feelings as well as Jillian’s side of the story — something I couldn’t fully do until he was gone. Wes represented the kind of guy Jillian thought she would end up with. Because of that she went the extra mile in giving him opportunities to prove himself. Jillian wasn’t blind to all of Wes’ antics. I know many of you wish she’d kicked him to the curb weeks ago, but this was something she needed to handle in her own way. Jillian truly believes Wes came on the show to promote himself and feels a little sorry for him.

The rose ceremony reminded me of watching Sesame Street as a kid: Which one of these is not like the others? Three guys in sharp dark suits, and then there’s Wes. Just so you were positive this train was coming off the tracks, he added this little gem: telling the guys that if he’s going home, ”you know I’ll be back home havin’ lots of sex.” After Jillian finally dismissed Wes, he jumped in the limo and gave us one of the best exit meltdowns in the show’s history — and came up with the start of the perfect country song (my apologies to Mr. David Allan Coe): ”I’m in Spain…everybody’s gonna know my name.”

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