By Dalton Ross
Updated July 09, 2009 at 08:05 AM EDT

Self-obsessed jocks. Over-aggressive jerks. Ditzes with clown boobs. Token “old fogies” who are usually only in their forties. These are the archetypes that always make up a Big Brother cast. We love, loathe, and laugh at them in equal measure, watching them obsessively all summer while feeling the constant need to scrub our eyes out with industrial strength soap. As season 11 kicks off this evening, Jessica Shaw and I take a look at some of our pre-season favorites on Must List Live! Which tools and tramps will we be rooting for this summer? Watch the video below to see for yourself. And let us know which sleazeballs you’re pulling for in the Big Brother house as we all prepare to hand our nice peaceful summers over to Julie Chen.

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Big Brother

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