Earlier this summer at an Island Def Jam party, I saw Justin Bieber alongside other label acts like Rihanna, Fabolous, and Fall Out Boy and thought, “Who is this little nugget?”

Clearly, I am nine million years too old, because a little research quickly revealed that the baby-faced teen (seriously, he looks like a cross between Zac Efron and a Furby) from Ontario has been all over YouTube for months with his original compositions and covers of Chris Brown, Justin, and Usher songs, and is being touted by Usher himself as the new hot poop; the star even appears with his lil’ protege below in the video for “One Time,” below, the single for which just went to iTunes on July 7.

Personally, I don’t always go for the novelty factor of barely-pubescent pop acts (though I still have a soft spot for Jordy; j’adore!), but Bieber does seem to share many of the qualities that made his idols the pop/R&B superstars they’ve become, including a clear, supple voice, pinup-boy looks, and bona fide instrument skills (see him here on piano). Also, he has perfect teeth.

But you tell me, readers, what do you see in Bieber’s future? Will you buy his debut, My World, when it drops later this year, or should he leave it on the playground?

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