Like everyone else in the world, as soon as I found out that Michael Jackson had passed away, I knew the ensuing weeks would be a circus. Speculation about everything from the late singer’s estate to the late singer’s face would run rampant, leading people to wonder such crazy things as, What would happen to his kids? To his chimp? To his nose?

But I was not prepared to address the question that some are currently posing: Is Michael Jackson’s ghost haunting Neverland? Those who support said theory would point you to Exhibit A) a shadow that’s seen walking across a room at the end of the hallway during Larry King’s interview with Jermaine Jackson (see embedded video below). I’m not quite a believer in things that go bump in the night, so I’m going to guess that the image was simply a cameraman’s shadow. After all, if it were Michael, wouldn’t he be moonwalking across the room? And emitting some sort of falsetto ghost wail?

Do you believe, PopWatchers? Is Neverland just creepy enough to warrant a spook?