Recently, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay posted a list of 14 movies they think everyone should see before they die on Funny or Die. And they are:

1. Goodfellas
2. Election
3. The Man Who Would Be King
4. Tin Men
5. Cinema Paradiso
6. Nights of Cabiria
7. Airplane!
8. Series 7: The Contenders
9. The Exorcist
10. Mail Order Wife
11. Rear Window
12. The Sound of Music
13. Tron
14. Flirting With Disaster

McKay noted that he made a point of excluding any film that he felt would be on everyone’s list, i.e. Jaws, Star Wars, Apocalypse Now,and Goodfellas (though he thenfelt compelled to make that No. 1 because he watches it before every film he shoots). Ferrell had a very specific purpose in mind for including Tron: “Just watch this to remind yourself that this movie was actually made and that for a brief moment in time there was a Tron ride at Disneyland.” Which films make your very personal list? See mine after the jump. Below, the trailer for my TronGymkata.

1. Rocky
2. Singin’ in the Rain
3. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
4. When Harry Met Sally…
5. Waiting for Guffman
6. Die Hard
7. Bull Durham
8. Apollo 13
9. It’s a Wonderful Life
10. Red River
11. The King of Kong
12. L.A. Story
13. Gymkata
14. Up