By Michael Slezak
Updated July 04, 2009 at 08:17 PM EDT
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While many Americans tonight will be looking skyward and oohing and ahhing over their local fireworks displays, I’ll be staring at a blank TV screen, wondering why I have to wait another week for the two-hour season finale of CBS’ questionably competent but highly addictive Harper’s Island. (I know, I know…it’s a major holiday weekend, but since CBS has already shunted the murder mystery off to Saturday nights, I’m surprised they’re not airing Harper’s anyhow.)

Just because there’s no new episode tonight, however, doesn’t mean we can’t dish the show. (The surprisingly robust message boards on my blog item about last week’s Chloe-Cal death scene proved there are plenty of closet Harper’s fans lurking on the Internets.) With that in mind, I thought it might be high time for a couple of quick pre-finale polls about who’s in cahoots with John Wakefield in the rampant wedding-week killing spree, and which character we’re hoping will join the large and growing death toll before the final credits roll.

So…who’s helping Wakefield? I’d been thinking Jimmy and hoping Abby (what? sometimes I see homicide in her eyes!) since episode 1, but after last week’s end-of-episode reveal that Abby’s late dad was keeping a file on Jimmy, I’m almost certain the show will take it in a different direction. A few of you pointed out in the message boards of my previous Harper’s item that Henry was ridiculously bloody after Abby discovered J.D.’s body, and what’s more, how come he’s always trying to stop our heroine from firing her rifle in Wakefield’s direction? As for who ought to die, well…I’m voting for annoying tween Madison, whose wide-eyed stares and sing-song speaking cadence ought to be locked (permanently) in that darkened chamber in the tunnel underneath the Inn. Right next to her whiny, ineffective mother, Shea. Wrong? Yes. But anyone who’s watching this show – and enduring Madison’s bone-chilling line reading of “One by one” – understands where I’m coming from. Anyway, vote in the polls and head to the comments section and let me know your Harper’s theories. Then we can gather back here at PopWatch next Sunday morning to dish the finale!

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