By Michael Slezak
July 03, 2009 at 07:43 PM EDT
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Cleanup in Aisle Creep! The Bachelorette‘s current final-four contender Wes — you know, the guy who during his confessionals has waxed poetic about how performing music in front of an audience is more of a turn-on than any woman or drug could ever be — was apparently “truth”-telling when he insisted he did not have a girlfriend named Laurel while being meekly grilled by Jillian during last Monday’s episode. Laurel (last name Kagay) tells that she dated Wes for three years, until she caught him writing a steamy love letter to a major record label their relationship turned to friendship a year ago. For the record, Laurel has also dated Brad Womack (star of The Bachelor‘s 11th season) as well as Collin Evans, a contestant during The Bachelorette’s third season with Jen Schefft, notes People. (Not that I’m implying a fameosexual trend here or anything.)

But getting back to Wes, here’s the thing that’s been bugging me all season long. If Smarmy McEvasionpants’ endgame is country-music stardom, and not a relationship with our reality-dating heroine, why is he so open about it when the cameras are rolling? Wes’ admission a couple weeks back to his fellow love gladiators that he’d reached his goal of making it through six “shows” is a pretty clear indicator that the relationship he’s seeking is with the music-buying public, not a Canadian cutie with self-esteem issues and terrible judgment in character. Like it’s not obvious to even the least cynical Bachelorette viewer that he’s dreaming of iTunes downloads, not steamy hottub encounters and scenic Vancouver tourism, whenever Jillian is around? If dude really wants to make fans and climb to the top of the charts, wouldn’t he have been smarter to pretend he’s really into Jillian, rather than reveal his willingness to treat her heart like a cat with a ball of yarn? I mean, is there a Bachelorette fan alive who has any interest whatsoever in buying a Wes debut album, especially if it contains that droopy ballad, “Love Don’t Come Easy,” that he trots out more frequently than Jillian says “aboot”?

Then again, maybe I’m the one who’s got it all wrong. We live in a world where infamous gutter-snipe Paris Hilton landed a major-label record deal (and a top 20 hit) despite overwhelming evidence that she has no singing/songwriting/anything talent, and the fact that the average American finds her abhorrent. So is it possible this Bachelorette stint will get Wes exactly what he wants? Or are we the viewing public too smart and too outraged for that? Revealall in the comments section below, and if you need a palette-cleanser, catch up on episodes of The Doll Bachelorette, after the jump, then read Kristen Baldwin’s latest hilarious Bachelorette episode recap and Chris Harrison’s behind-the-scenes blog

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