By Adam Markovitz
Updated July 02, 2009 at 07:49 PM EDT

This morning, I checked out the trailer for the new Vince Vaughn-Jon Favreau comedy Couples Retreat (watch it below). It’s got a cast full of familiar faces (including Kristen Bell, Kristin Davis, and Jason Bateman), but one stood out from the rest: Malin Akerman. Ever since her big break as the bride from hell in Ben Stiller’s The Heartbreak Kid (2007), the Swedish-born blonde has scored plum roles in big-name projects like 27 Dresses, Watchmen, and The Proposal. But so far, she’s always played second — or third, or fourth — fiddle to the movies’ stars. It got me thinking: Is Akerman building momentum or simply having her moment?

Frankly, I’m not a huge fan. Akerman definitely has more than a little Cameron Diaz in her on-screen DNA, but she doesn’t have the same easy charm that turned the Mask starlet into a household name. And if The Heartbreak Kid is any indication, she doesn’t quite have Diaz’s comedic chops either.

Still, it seems to me that Akerman has a decent shot at breaking onto the A-List eventually — but only if she builds a fanbase. And that’s where you come in, PopWatchers. Do you think Akerman deserves to graduate to starring roles? Is she a leading lady in the making? Or would you be happier to see her stick with supporting parts? Let us know in the comments!

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