By Marc Bernardin
Updated July 02, 2009 at 11:20 PM EDT

Apparently, there was some kind of insane Hollywood bidding war to get the rights to make a movie based on the classic Asteroids videogame. You remember, the one barely rendered in straight lines that had the player trying to survive an onslaught by stellar debris? For what it was, Asteroids could be a tense game — but a movie? And, what’s more, a movie that needed underlying rights? Couldn’t Universal — who won that four-way bidding scrum — just make a movie about noble men and women tasked with blowing up rocks from space without needing a game to base it on?

And even more than that, wasn’t that movie already made? You know, Armageddon — with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck flying in a spaceship blowing up rocks from space. Some days, Hollywood just…flummoxes.

Does the fact that this movie is based on Asteroids make your more or less likely to go see it? Or does it matter at all?

addCredit(“Willis: Everett Collection”)