By Michael Slezak
Updated July 01, 2009 at 07:27 PM EDT

No, I’m not joking with the above headline. When it comes time to think about the Best Supporting Actress category for the 2010 Academy Awards, why not Lorna Raver, who so terrifyingly brought to life the vengeful she-beast Mrs. Ganush in Sam Raimi’s delightful frightfest Drag Me to Hell? (EW’s Owen Gleiberman gave the movie an A, yes he did!)

Oh yeah, I know. Oscars are supposed to be reserved for Important Biopics and Serious Costume Dramas. “Oh my, how she perfectly captured X’s speaking cadence!” or “Dear me, he moved me to tears with that death scene in the rain!” But riddle me this: Isn’t it just as (if not more) impressive that Raver convincingly sent audiences into the emotional fetal position as she played with her grotesque dentures, begged for another chance to catch up on her mortgage, and savaged wide-eyed Alison Lohman in a deserted parking garage? And let’s not forget that in the process, Raver’s character took a staple to the eyelid! When was the last time you saw Dame Judi Dench pull a stunt like that?

So yeah, Raver’s a longshot for making it within a country mile of any kind of serious Oscar consideration, but the woman had me considering switching on my cellphone mid-movie and dialing 1-800-I-Want-My-Mommy. And that’s enough for me to ask the Academy to give her a second look. You with me, horror-loving PopWatchers? If your answer is “no,” please click here.

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