By Lynette Rice
Updated July 01, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

What do you get when you bring together a bikini model, a neuroscientist, a tattooed special-effects makeup artist, and a tae kwon do champ? Another wacky season of Big Brother, that’s what! For the 11th edition, beginning July 9, the houseguests will be broken up into high school cliques: “popular,” “athletes,” and “brains.” The first two categories will showcase BB’s usual parade of hot bods (see the aforementioned bikini model from Atlanta), while “brains” seems to be a euphemism for the requisite “old” married dude (Casey, a fifth-grade teacher from Florida, is a relatively decrepit—gasp!—41). And as long as you’re expecting the unexpected, a surprise is in store for opening night, when host Julie Chen will introduce a 13th houseguest who we’ll apparently recognize (now that’s ominous).

Here are the deets on the 12 houseguests, followed by a helpful introductory video:

Braden Bacha, 28, Santa Monica, CA, a single surfer
Chima Simone, 32, West Hollywood, CA, a single freelance journalist
Jordan Lloyd, 22, Matthews, NC, a single waitress
Laura Crosby, 21, Atlanta, GA, a single bikini model
Michele Noonan, 27, Pasadena, CA, a married neuroscientist
Casey Turner, 41, Lakeland, FL, a married fifth-grade teacher
Jeff Schroeder, 30, Norridge, IL, a single advertising salesman
Kevin Campbell, 29, Chula Vista, CA, a single graphic designer
Lydia Tavera, 24, Torrance, CA, a single special effects make-up artist
Natalie Martinez, 24, Gilbert, AZ, a single Tae Kwon Do champion
Ronnie Talbott, 30, Belpre, Ohio, a married gamer
Russell Kairouz, 24, Walnut, CA, a single mixed martial arts fighter

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