By Henning Fog
Updated June 30, 2009 at 10:50 PM EDT

You all know Amy Adams, right? Bubbly redhead with the perenniallysunny disposition? Yeah, her. Well, prepare to say goodbye — Variety reports thatthe actress is in talks to play a “gritty bartender” in the David O.Russell-directed drama The Fighter. So no cute glances. No singing. Andno Meryl Streep to get her back. This is Amy Adams: RAW.

…I mean, I think. Besides the casting blurb, we’ve got little info on what Adams’ role entails. But “gritty bartender” — that’s a complete 180 for theOscar nominee, who has spent the last few years perfecting her “doe-eyedinnocent” role. In everything from Junebug to Enchanted to Doubt, Adams has been like a masterclass in cuteness. GREAT cuteness (she’s an exceedingly talented actress) but still safe, and maybe all too comfortable. Imagine her in a bar fight, or using foul language!

Of course, Amy Adams is far from the only star who could stand to mix it up a little bit. All over town and in every genre of movie, talented actors discover their ideal role…then never escape from it, due to typecasting or their own complacency. Consider the following:

Denzel Washington
The man never met a Tony Scott movie he didn’t like. Crimson Tide, Deja Vu, Man on Fire, Pelham 123 — Denzel and Tony are like the non-Oscar-winning Leo and Marty, pumping out hyper-kinetic adult thriller after hyper-kinetic adult thriller. Mix it up, man! You’re too talented! I’m not suggesting a Judd Apatow comedy, but maybe something a little lighter — a script without the note “he scowls furiously” — could remind us why you’re so esteemed. Take it under advisement.

Zooey Deschanel
I love practically everything about you, Zooey. Your eyes. Your flirtatious grins. You could sing a song about cotton products and I’d still want to marry you (if you weren’t, you know, engaged). Ours is a real love. But it’s beyond time for you to break out of those “endearingly quirky love interest” roles and begin to show us that range we know you’ve got. Call me, we’ll discuss.

Michael Cera
I mean, duh.

How about you, PopWatchers? Which of your favorite “comfort actors” needs to break free from their Groundhog Day-ish sensibilities and take on a new role? Bill Murray? Diane Keaton? Share, share, share!

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