By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated June 30, 2009 at 08:20 PM EDT

Want more video of the King of Pop? Here’s a sampling of some priceless clips available online:

The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969

Fronted by an unbearably adorable and self-possessed Michael, the Jackson 5 performs “I Want You Back.”

Michael Jackson sings Frank Sinatra in 1971

In a skit for a TV special, a pint-sized Jackson channels Ol’ Blue Eyes and lets Diana Ross down easy.

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Opening to Jackson 5ive cartoon

The Jax Brothers got animated in 1971 for a Saturday morning cartoon about their adventures.

Jackson 5 performs with Cher

Michael hits his teen years and sings a medley with a sequined Cher.

The Jacksons meet the Nicholas Brothers in 1977

The tap-dance legends visit the family’s variety show, and Michael joins them for a blistering set.

Sylvia Chase interview for ABC

A poignant, early look at Michael Jackson in 1979 — just before he really took over the world. (Link only.)

“Billie Jean” at the Motown 25 special in 1983

Jackson moonwalks, the audience screams, and a star is reborn.

Frank Sinatra meets Michael Jackson in 1984

Jackson rushes to a recording studio to meet Sinatra, saying shyly, “It’s like a dream come true.”

James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Prince

How’s this for firepower? Jackson sings a few bars at a Brown show, followed by a some manic guitar licks from Prince.

Jackson performing with Britney Spears

Jackson serenades the teen queen in 2001 with “The Way You Make Me Feel.”