I used to be ambivalent toward The September Issue, R.J. Cutler’s documentary chronicling scary robot Anna Wintour as she gnaws her way through the hearts and souls of the humans involved with Vogue‘s September 2008 issue. But the ample use of Ladytron’s “Destroy Everything You Touch” in the film’s theatrical trailer has changed all of that. What the hell? I suddenly do care about Anna Wintour. I want to hear more constructive criticism like “this type seems so large and pretentious, it looks like it’s for blind people” fly out of her mouth. And frankly, I do need to know what we we are supposed to do with feathers this fall. Which I guess means last fall. Unless she was referring to Dancing With the Stars, I have no idea what was done with feathers last fall. I obviously need to see this movie.

The doc will show in limited release on September 11, more than two years after The Devil Wears Prada came out. Do you care, or would you rather take a cue from Wintour and tell PopWatch with a cold, unfeeling stare, “The other things you showed us are more exciting”? Oh, go ahead.