By Margaret Lyons
June 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

While my summer TV schedule is child’s play compared to regular season viewing, Monday nights are pretty robust, especially thanks to Showtime’s female-led dark dramedy one-two punch of Weeds and Nurse Jackie. But there can only be one Queen of Mondays. Who will it be: Nancy Botwin or Jackie Peyton? Let’s break it down:

Drugs Both shows are about drugs, kind of. Nancy sells them, Jackie does them, and both women manage to escape what that often means for other people — prison, say, or an inability to function. Jackie’s drug abuse is more realistic than Nancy’s trafficking role, so point to Jackie.

BFFs Is that friend or frenemy? Jackie pals around with a fancy British lady, while Nancy finds herself weirdly tied to the erratic, emotionally barren Celia. I don’t totally buy Jackie and Dr. O’Hara’s relationship — really? the no-nonsense, spendthrift Jackie’s best bud is a loopy doctor who spends thousands on clothing she just throws away? — but at the same time, I sometimes hate Celia so much I feel the need to fast forward her scenes. It’s a draw.

Sexytimes On Jackie’s side, there’s a hunky, doting husband — and an enabling, not-as-hunky pharmacist she gets freaky with every day at noon. On Nancy’s side, there’s…well, right now there’s just the really hot, really dangerous, maybe abusive politician and drug kingpin Esteban. Plus, Nancy’s brother-in-law Andy is crazy about her (when he’s not too busy getting it on with her sister), and over the course of the last few seasons, we’ve seen the naughty Mrs. Botwin through some pretty excellent adventures. Winner: Nancy

Which means it’s a tie, and now it’s up to you, PopWatchers! Who rules your Mondays, Nancy or Jackie?