By Annie Barrett
June 29, 2009 at 07:40 PM EDT

As a few PopWatch commenters have pointed out, boisterous infomercial overlord Billy Mays, who died in his sleep Saturday night, guested on The Tonight Show just last week with his Pitchmen co-host Andrew Sullivan. I love how Conan, the audience, and even Mays and Sullivan themselves can’t stifle the occasional giggle at how utterly useless some of the pair’s hawked products have been. (Not that I would mind owning a Zorbeez, if only so that I could occasionally wring out Snapple over Michael Ausiello’s keyboard and then fling it over to him so he could perform minimal cleanup.) Press play below.

According to Discovery Channel’s website, all nine episodes of Pitchmen‘s first season will air back-to-back beginning at 11 a.m. this Wednesday, July 1. So be honest, PopWatchers: Ever spring for a Billy Mays-peddled product?