By Dave Karger
Updated June 29, 2009 at 11:37 PM EDT
Craig Sjodin

Just days after announcing that it’s doubling the number of Best Picture nominees from five to 10, the Academy has made a few other (not quite as earth-shattering) tweaks to the Oscar season. For starters, AMPAS says it will present its honorary Oscars at a separate ceremony in November instead of at the usual telecast. Secondly, it revised the rules in the Best Song category, which now state that if no eligible contender receives a high enough score from the music branch in a given year, there will be no nominees at all. In some cases there may be as few as two nominees in a year.

The more I’ve been thinking about the 10 Best Picture nominees idea, the less I like it. It seems like one of those “participation trophies” you used to get at Little League. But I’m on board with these other changes. Cutting the honorary Oscars actually gives the telecast producers a shot at clocking in under three hours, and removing mediocrity from the Best Song race could certainly spare us some deadly musical numbers.

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