June 26, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Last night I was walking through Times Square and found myself stuck in a scrum of people who were no longer moving. That’s because everyone had stopped to stare at the giant screen above which was slowly scrolling through a montage of Michael Jackson photos. He seemed to be on everyone’s mind last night in New York, and it seemed like every other car that drove past was blaring “Man in the Mirror” or “Billie Jean.” I confess I haven’t really thought much about Jackson or his music in recent years. But today I was scrolling through our gallery of his milestones, and then Life.com’s gallery of his life and times (from which we grabbed the image at left) and realized I remembered almost all the moments (the good, the bad, and alas, the really ugly). How many of those moments do you remember? And what, if anything, have you done to pay tribute since hearing of Jackson’s death? Drive around with “Billie Jean”? Buy up all his albums? Share with your fellow readers in the comments section below.

addCredit(“Dave Hogan/Getty Images”)

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