God bless the digital age. Without it, John Mayer would not be able to (musically) romance Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift on Twitter, and Paul McCartney wouldn’t be able to profess his love for MGMT.

The Mayer twitter-mance with Lovato and Swift led to some onstage duets and songwriting sessions, and — as strange as it might sound — it looks like the McCartney-MGMT relationship is blossoming as well. McCartney has invited the group to open for him for two shows at Boston’s Fenway Park August 5 and 6; tickets go on sale June 29.

Once you get over the initial shock of it, the announcement is…well, still pretty shocking. These are two polar-opposite artists at polar-opposite points in their careers: McCartney, living legend and rock icon, with MGMT, an upstart synth-rock band of hippies who are prone to sporting headbands and face paint. Insanity!

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. McCartney said he was interested in working with the band earlier this month: “I’d like to work on some more dancey stuff with MGMT. But it has to happen organically. We need to talk about it. I can’t call them. If they calledme, I’d say, ‘How did you get my number?’. But I’d do it.”

Looks like they called. And hey, why not? But what’s next: Vampire Weekend opening for Bob Dylan?! What do you think of the pairing, Mixers: Totally inspired or totally nuts? What are some of the strangest headliner-opener pairings that you’ve seen?

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