June 26, 2009 at 04:26 AM EDT

Outside UCLA Medical Center, where Michael Jackson was pronounced dead earlier today, the crowd has been growing for hours. In the middle of about 500 fans and journalists, an argument broke out between a hardcore fan and another man. The fan, who had brought his boom box to blast Jackson’s “Heal the World,” was telling EW.com how much Jackson had changed the face of music when another man approached the fan and said, “You’re full of s—!  Do you think he was a good man or that he was good for children unfortunate enough to cross his path?” The fan looked furious, but responded, “I choose to look at the positive.”

Across the street from the medical center, the fraternity brothers at UCLA’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon house were choosing to look at the positive, too. They opened their doors and windows and began blaring Jackson music for the crowd. “We know that a lot of people out here care about him,” said SAE member, Edwin Alvarado, 20. “So we thought we might as well play music for them, and as a way to commemorate him.” Asked if Alvarado and his pals had dug through old CDs to find the Jackson tunes, Alvardo said no. “We all have his songs on our iPods.” (Reported by Christine Spines and John Young)

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