When it comes to dedication to your craft, Iranian dark-rock imports Hypernova pretty much trump every other band out there. They started playing together when rock music was forbidden in Iran, so the five-member group would play shows in secret, constantly on-guard on the off-chance the authorities would bust in and they’d have to scamper away on foot. Like I said: dedication.

Since the official stances on art and culture have relaxed somewhat in recent years, Hypernova has been able to make waves in Iran. Now it looks like the group’s got America in their sights. It also looks like there could be a place for them in our indie-rock scene.

Hypernova blends the gothic sensibilities of Editors and Interpol with the hipster dance-pep of Franz Ferdinand, and the band’s deep-voiced lead singer Raam recalls Ian Curtis of Joy Division. (Side note: Raam’s a badass name, but it’s not his real one. In fact, each member of the group abbreviates their name to avoid harmful/unwanted attention in their home city, Tehran.)

While none of their music is available on iTunes, a fair chunk of the band’s 2008 debut, Through the Chaos, can be streamed on MySpace. Check out their monochrome video for “Fairy Tales” below, and tell us: Are you liking the Iranian indie rockers? Do you think they can break out in the States?

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