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I’m still processing Eddie Cibrian being added to the cast of CBS’ CSI: Miami next season as “an officer from the Hollywood division” who joins Horatio’s team. And by “processing,” I mean deciding whether I will now be forced to watch this show. I tend to enjoy him as a cop (The Starter Wife, Lifetime’s Northern Lights), and I’m pretty sure it would make my DVR happy to record him and Nathan Fillion in Castle simultaneously….Crap. I’m watching CSI: Miami. Quick, someone talk me out of it.

Not up for debate: Whether or not I’m watching Cibrian’s November Hallmark Channel movie Healing Hands. Behold the synopsis:

Buddy Hoyt (Eddie Cibrian) wants to be “somebody,” but he’s just a janitor with an ordinary life and a fiancé, Alice (Lisa Sheridan), who likes him just the way he is. Buddy gets his wish after an accident when he is gifted with an ability to heal others. But life gets complicated when Buddy learns that fame isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, and that he is draining his own energy every time he heals someone else – so much so, it may even kill him.

Yes, yes, and yes. I haven’t been this eager to see a Hallmark original since I read about James Van Der Beek’s.

DEBBIE MACOMBER’S ‘MRS. MIRACLE’Premiering December 2009

Feeling in over his head when it comes to being a single dad to twin six-year-olds, Seth Webster (James Van Der Beek) is in desperate need of a nanny. And it may not be just coincidence when, just as the perfect housekeeper (Doris Roberts) shows up, other important things begin to fall into place as well. Mrs. Merkle — or ‘Mrs. Miracle,’ as the twins dub her — not only cooks and cleans, but wields a mighty snowball-throwing arm and always seems to know the right thing to do, which is just what this family needs.

Which are you most excited for: the new season of CSI: Miami, Healing Hands, or Mrs. Miracle? It’s a tough call, I know.

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