By Jean Bentley
June 24, 2009 at 10:58 PM EDT

For those Twi-hards with an insatiable appetite for blood for knowing about and owning everything Twilight-related ever, the fine folks at Hollywood Crush have unearthed the latest vampire creation: Lip Venom V, a brand new specially designed Twilight lip stain from New Moon set favorite DuWop.

While I’m not one for buying movie merchandise (aside from the promo can of Booty Sweat that sits on my desk), this is one Twilight-branded product I might probably will buy. And it’s not even because I actually use DuWop Lip Venom…it’s mostly because it looks cool. Seriously — the venom is mixed with lip stain in a little vial so it looks like blood.

Think of the options: I can wear it around my neck just like Angelina Jolie! Convince my friends that True Blood is real and they can actually get high off of vampire blood (V)! Or I can finally just broadcast the fact that really, inside, I am in fact a gigantic nerd.

My favorite part of this entire thing is how DuWop feels the need to drive the Twilight tie-in point home (”This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds”), when all they really needed to do was drop the T-word and they’d have more online pre-orders than their computer servers can handle.

Is this the Twilight item that will finally get you to shell out some hard-earned dolla billz? Or could you not care less about those stupid vampires and their stupid lipstick?