By Margaret Lyons
June 24, 2009 at 10:14 PM EDT

First came Mad Men, then came Breaking Bad, and now AMC has its third drama in the works: Rubicon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show “revolves around a secret society that pulls the strings on the world political stage. It centers on Will Travers, a brilliant analyst at a national think tank who discovers that his employers are not who they seem to be.”

Count me in times a million for this. Beyond hoping that this is a good show, though, I’m hoping Rubicon can usher in a new era of politics shows because I am the biggest sucker ever for entertainment related to government: West Wing, Spin City, but also The State Within, even Parks and Recreation. My favorite parts of 24 are the parts about subverting entrenched governmental structures and untangling the messy web of politics, not the parts where everything gets blown up. I watched Jack & Bobby, Commander in Chief, I own a VHS version of Dave, and I’ve probably seen The American President 25 times. Growing up, I read and reread The President’s Daughter and its sequels. (So good, yet weirdly underappreciated.)

So…yeah. Please, the more politics shows, the merrier on my end. Who’s with me, PopWatchers? Do you crave political entertainment, too? Here’s an awesome face-off from Dave to convince you: