By Tanner Stransky
Updated June 23, 2009 at 11:00 PM EDT

I like to think my iPod can do anything, including but not limited to: entertaining me when I’m bored on the subway; delighting my friends during a dance party on Fire Island; transporting me away from annoying shoppers or people on the street. And now — if that weren’t enough! — it seems iPods can save your life, according to a testimonial by a British girl whose life was maybe (sort of?) spared after her iPod diverted the voltage from a lightening bolt that struck her.

Please watch me while I swoon even more over a lifeless gadget. From doing a little more reading about the story, though, it seems that it could have been a lot of things that spared the girl’s life — the fact that she was holding hands with her boyfriend and sitting down at the time could have contributed. But whatever. I prefer giving the savior credit to a simple musical device that only continues to bring joy to the world. First, it revolutionized music. Now: saving lives! Can the iPod do anything wrong?

What else do I love? Imagining the other headlines that could crop up from the iPod’s turn as a life-saving device: “iPod Nano Serves as Life Raft for Drowning Toddler!” or “Mugger Apprehended by Rogue iPod!” Maybe? It’s far-fetched, but I’m having a fanciful afternoon. For giving me a moment of fancy, for saving the life of a young woman, for your future good deeds (I’ll keep you near in case I plan to get mugged or drown sometime soon), just wanted to simply say: Thank you, iPod.

Do you readers have any iPod appreciation to add?

addCredit(“girl: John W. Gertz/Corbis”)