If I could turn back time, I would have begged Cher to grace the big screen at some point in the past decade (sorry, I’m not counting the Farrelly Brothers atrocity that was 2003’s Stuck on You). But you know what? Maybe it was worth the wait. The news today that Cher is set to star alongside Christina Aguilera in the musical Burlesque — and voice a giraffe in Happy Madison’s live-action comedy, The Zookeeper — has me thinking that the spectacle-obsessed actress may have found the perfect vehicle for her big return. Think about it: There’s singing! Costumes I can only imagine will make Bob Mackie look tame! And, one assumes, plenty of hair flips to boot!

How pumped are you, PopWatchers? And start preparing: You only have until 2011 to find the perfect wig to accompany your first Burlesque viewing!

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Christina, burlesque, and singing? We’re in.

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