Why on earth is world-famous super-diva Beyonce Knowles holding a box of Hamburger Helper brand instant food product in this snapshot? Because she’s donating it to hunger-fighting charity Feed America as part of the new “Show Your Helping Hand” campaign, of course! I’m willing to bet that B hasn’t actually tasted Hamburger Helper in years — though maybe her team of privately trained chefs includes that anthropomorphic glove? — but she generously took time out of her just-launched “I AM…” tour yesterday to donate some food to the campaign. She also encouraged fans to bring non-perishable items to her upcoming concert dates, where they’ll be collected to feed the nation’s hungry.

So, now you have one more reason to see this summer’s Must Live Act. Bravo to Beyonce for supporting a great cause. This has been today’s edition of “Random Celebrity Photographs with Totally Mundane Explanations.” You’re welcome.

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