By Whitney Pastorek
Updated June 22, 2009 at 09:29 PM EDT
Credit: George Chin/Retna Ltd

Is there anything more summery than the recession? Wait, don’t answer that. But hey, America — the corporate moguls at Live Nation feel your economic downturn pain. Today, they announced that June 24 is “No Service Fee Wednesday” (that’s got such a nice ring to it!), meaning you can snag a 4-pack of tickets — already being sold at a 17 percent discount — for up to 40 percent off the original price, if you buy at

In the glamorous legalese of the press release, “The service fee free 4-packs are available only at Live Nation ticketed amphitheatres in the U.S. and Canada for concerts including but not limited to…” and then they go on to list a bunch of stuff like Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Blink-182, and Def Leppard with Poison and Cheap Trick. FYI, “Parking, municipal taxes and certain venue fees may still apply.”

Me, I’d opt for the Def Leppard concert, because the way I see it, if I account for inflation since 1987 and figure I’m getting three bands for the price of one, that means Live Nation is basically paying me. They got the peaches, I got the cream, you know what I’m sayin’?

What about you, Mixers? What show will you snag at a discount? (The full “including but not limited to” list is after the jump.) And what tour not included here should maybe think about slashing prices?

addCredit(“George Chin/Retna Ltd”)

The Allman Brothers Band
Blazed & Confused Tour / Slightly Stoopid – Snoop Dogg
Brad Paisley with Dierks Bently
Crosby Stills & Nash
Crue Fest 2
Def Leppard with Poison and Cheap Trick
Depeche Mode
The Fray
George Strait with Blake Shelton and Julianne Hough
Jason Mraz
Kid Rock & Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Killers
New Kids on the Block with Jesse McCartney
Rascal Flatts with Darius Rucker
REO Speedwagon & Styx
Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival featuring Marilyn Manson & Slayer
Rod Stewart
Toby Keith with Trace Adkins