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Updated June 20, 2009 at 10:52 AM EDT
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What a week! Revelations a plenty…. Mary Murphy struggling to raise an eyebrow and then telling the nation it was a physical impossibility due to Botox! All I can say is, I love that woman! I have never met someone more full of life and infectious energy. We’ve had a couple of crazy nights out with the production team, cast, crew, and Prince. Yes, I mean Prince! I’ve asked all my girlfriends if her admission makes them love her more — and the answer is a resounding “Hell, yeah!”

We held the L.A. auditions for season 6 this week. Lots of amazingly talented dancers and some familiar faces. Evan’s brother Ryan came back and auditioned again. He did an incredible dance and poetry piece — truly unique. He got a ticket to Vegas. I love it when people work hard and improve, and it culminates in success! I did get some severe ribbing from Evan during rehearsals, though, due to the fact that I cried when I found out Ryan was through! Just couldn’t help it!

Doriana Sanchez was back on the show to choreograph a disco routine for Brandon and Jeanette. Dori is a goddess for many reasons, but I’d just like to highlight a couple: First, she was a featured dancer in Dirty Dancing, one of my favorite films of all time! She was the girl in the blue-and-black polka-dot dress. Second, she is Creative Director and Choreographer of the Cher show, currently on at Caesar’s Palace. When we were in Vegas for the callbacks, I got to go to the show, go backstage, go into Cher’s closet, ride on her boat, and generally take lots of goofy pictures — so much fun! The show was incredible — it’s visually stunning and features all of Bob Mackie’s finest work. I have to say, Cher looks amazing. Her body is beyond!

Anyway, back to Brandon and Jeanette’s disco routine. The two of them were just a blur, flying around the stage like whirling dervishes. At one point Jeanette lost her footing and almost wiped out, but she was such a pro and just continued being thrown around the stage by Brandon. Studio 54, eat your heart out!

Another stand-out performance for me was Jonathan and Karla’s contemporary routine. Jonathan nailed it, even though he was out of his comfort zone. They performed to a song taken from the soundtrack to the film “Once” — you may remember it from the Oscars a couple of years ago. The film is lovely, the music is beautiful, and the dancers performed wonderfully. So much so that they succeeded in providing the first “Deeley Chills” of the season! This is when a performance physically moves me so much that I get chills and goose bumps on my arms. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does you can pretty much guarantee the routine has been amazing! This was no exception!

The results show featured a group routine by Mia Michaels. Amazing! The dancers were supposed to be aliens; they were covered in Maori-inspired tattoos and wore skinny black mod suits with ties. I thought I’d stick with the theme and bust out a little Yves Saint Laurent! I wore a white suit called “le smoking” — it’s a classic. YSL has been making the same design for years — in fact Bianca Jagger wore one to her wedding to Mick Jagger. I joked with the dancers that, onstage with them, I felt like Madonna and desperately wanted to break into “Do you believe in love? Cuz I got something to say about it! And it goes something like this!” I held back, much to Kupono’s disdain!

Unfortunately, two dancers had to leave us once again, so it was goodbye to Ashley and Max. I hate Thursdays!

Then it was a quick glass of champagne with my fabulous glamour squad, who I call “The Kids,” then off to the airport. We are bound for New Orleans for auditions for season 6; we’re there till Sunday the 21st. If you think you can dance, head down to the Morial Convention Center. Or join us next week in Phoenix — I’d love to see you there!

Oh, if you want to check out some backstage photos of me, go to my MySpace page at

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