June 19, 2009 at 11:02 PM EDT

One of my favorite movies is the stylish, but totally nuts, 2003 revenge thriller Old Boy. Directed by Korean auteur Chan-wook Park the film examines the question of what happens when you lock a guy up for years, and don’t tell him why, but do allow him to perfect his fighting abilities. The answer is a lot more complicated than you might imagine but does involve some pretty shocking violence. And “pretty” is the right word for this crazy but beautiful-looking movie.

The latest from Chan-wook Park is Thirst, a vampire epic about an undead priest that comes out next month. My colleague Lisa Schwarzbaum saw the movie at Cannes earlier this year and wrote that it featured “scenes ofvivid, graphic, intently realistic sex between a vampire and avampiress-in-waiting.” I have no reason to doubt her, even if the new red-band trailer below merely hints at such erotic shenanigans (though it does hint strongly enough to make it suitable-only-for-adults.)

Personally, I can’t wait for Thirst and not just because I’m such a fan of Old Boy. This is one of the first vampire movies to come out since the release of the phenomenally successful, if in my view utterly abominable, Twilight and it seems possible that a few Twi-fans might be sucked (ha!) into checking it out. If so, I genuinely hope they like it. But, while both films may technically belong to the same genre, it’s hard to imagine more different sensibilities than those of Chan-wook Park and Stephenie Meyer. I predict scenes of entertaining mayhem aplenty—and not all of it onscreen.

Are you a Twilight follower who is thinking of checking out Thirst? A fan of Old Boy? Or someone who is glad that the vampire movie is getting serious (and in, all likelihood, seriously gruesome) again?

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