Summer's best TV -- EW's TV writers recommend ''Wipeout,'' ''Burn Notice,'' and more

By EW Staff
Updated June 19, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jeff Jensen’s Pick
Wipeout (ABC, Wednesdays, 8pm)
I think the sight of people violently smashing face-first into big rubber balls, over and over and over and over and over again, is totally hilarious. As mindless as it is, it never gets old for me. I can watch that s— all summer long, and I plan to! Oh, and John Henson is pretty funny sometimes.

Lynette Rice’s Pick
Desperate Landscapes (DIY, Mondays, 9pm)
Picture McSteamy rocking a lawn tractor and that’s the gist of this makeover show for the gardening-challenged. Sure, there are lots of helpful tips for trimming trees and staining cement porches, but the show’s real draw is host John Cameron, whose (rose)bedside manner is as appealing as his big guns.

Ken Tucker’s Pick
Burn Notice (USA, Thursdays, 9pm)
Sunny, sexy escapism. Burn is having a really ramped-up third season. Jeffrey Donovan’s blacklisted spy, Michael Westen, not only bashes bad guys but is also being investigated by the Miami police. All this plus solid laughs thanks to Bruce Campbell and gun-toting slinkiness courtesy of Gabrielle Anwar.

Jennifer Armstrong’s Pick
Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime, Sundays, 9pm)
The premise is a groaner. Shallow model dies, then wakes up in the body of plus-size lawyer Jane (Brooke Elliott). The not-so-shallow point? How much women’s bodies define their lives. Add in a charming performance by Elliott — and a biting Margaret Cho as her assistant — and you get a sweet summer fling.