June 19, 2009 at 08:03 PM EDT

I spent much of American Idol‘s sixth season obsessing over LaKisha Jones’ powerhouse vocals — let us go back for a moment, and remember her rendition of “This Ain’t a Love Song.” Sigh — and now (at long last) she’s back in the spotlight with the recent release of her debut disc, So Glad I’m Me. Because Idolatry is a vital stop on any former Idol’s promotional tour, Ms. Jones swung by my humble office to talk about why she’s not wearing her favorite assortment of heels these days, how her personal life has changed drastically since her fourth-place Idol run, and what part of the recording process for her album sent her into a crying fit. Oh, and of course, she grabbed the mic and headed to our conference room to belt out her debut single, “Let’s Go Celebrate.” So press play, and enjoy!

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