By Ken Tucker
Updated June 19, 2009 at 09:39 PM EDT

“We’ve been dealing with this for a long time,” says Kate Gosselin in the latest clip from next Monday’s one-hour Jon & Kate Plus 8. By “this” we can assume she means the cracks in their marriage. The scene is a bit of mini-heartbreak, as it centers around the installation of some “crooked houses” — basically outdoor play-houses for the kids — and Jon and Kate’s disagreement over where they should be erected. That ordinary-sounding problem, though, is a key to the fundamental gap that’s opened up between the two:

“People think I’ve changed,” says Jon here. “I have changed.” Kate counters (in a separate interview) with, “We’ve been dealing a long time with this.” The implication in the editing is that Jon’s change in attitude (and actions?) have led to the problems.

UPDATE: Evidently things are changing for Jon rather quickly. is reporting that Mr. Gosselin has been apartment-looking in Manhattan… in Trump Place on the Upper West Side.