By Ken Tucker
Updated June 19, 2009 at 07:21 AM EDT

We got, as far as I’m concerned, the best new Burn Notice of the season this week… with one exception that I’ll get to in a minute. First, the good stuff. There was the return of Michael’s brother Nate, who’s always welcome for the scams he has going and the grief he invariably causes Michael.

This time around, Nate was unwittingly doing business with an old enemy of Michael’s, Brennen, an arms dealer we’ve seen before, played with withering wonderfulness by the excellent Jay Karnes (aka Dutch on the late, great Shield). Where Dutch was a sarcastic weasel, Brennen is a sarcastic tough-guy: Karnes has a whole range of tones to his sardonic dialogue-delivery.

Add some superb Burn Notice moments of Michael making listening devices from office supplies and generic-brand Pringles cans, and, as I said, this was one fast-paced, clever episode…

…except for the one bit of disappointment. This is now the second week in a row that Moon Bloodgood’s police detective Paxson has sauntered in a scene to threaten Michael with her ongoing investigation of him, and this subplot is increasingly looking like a repetitive drag. There’s nothing wrong with Bloodgood’s performance, it’s just that she’s obliged to do the same thing every week: walk up to Michael, smile knowingly (about what?), say she’s going to catch him doing bad stuff, and then exit, without making good on her promise. Come on, Burn Notice, do something with this character or drop her, willya?

Did you watch Burn Notice last night? Did you enjoy seeing Nate and Brennen again? Am I wrong or right about Det. Paxson?