Jeffrey Katzenberg is trumpeting 3D technology so loudly he might as well leave DreamWorks and become a band leader. Today, the company’s CEO added one new 3D animated movie (called Boo U) to its slew of upcoming projects (including Kung Fu Panda 2! Yay!). In fact, Katzenberg has mandated that every forthcoming DreamWorks feature be made in 3D. Following the near-$200 million dollar gross of Monsters vs. Aliens, he may be on to something.

In fact, all three of the year’s major 3D animated films — Coraline, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Up — have been hits with moviegoers, which might suggest audiences are warming up to the technology. (Except, of course, steadfast skeptic Roger Ebert.) So why do I remain so 3D-resistant? Up is a great movie and possibly one of Pixar’s best, but its greatness had nothing to do with it being in 3D. Sure, the balloons popped off the screen, and every time a bird flew it felt like it was going to hit me smack in the head. But I actually found the 3D technology distracting at times and completely inconsequential at others. Each of these animated flicks are visually stunning enough that adding 3D technology starts to seem like overkill. (Not to mention pricier.)

But with nearly every animated film in the works destined for 3D screens (including July’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs) and James Cameron’s sure-to-be-epic sci-fi adventure Avatar on the way, the technology is obviously here to stay. So I’m curious, PopWatchers: Where do you stand on 3D at the moment? Did it enhance your Coraline/Monsters Vs. Aliens/Up moviegoing experience? Or are you waiting for Avatar to commit one way or the other?

addCredit(“Up: Disney/PIxar; Coraline: Laika”)