By Christine Fenno
Updated June 18, 2009 at 11:02 PM EDT

In case you didn’t get enough the first time you watched dozens of (A-for-effort!) dancers in gold lamé MC Hammer pants run into an L.A. store for a rendition of “Can’t Touch This,” the over-the-top stunt was revived for an encore performance…in the middle of a busy street. Now, you know A&E—promoting its Hammertime reality series about the rapper and his family—wants me to say these dancers literally stopped traffic. But I really just want to take this opportunity to applaud the senior citizen wearing the headband with a suit jacket and tie (busting his moves during both flashmobs), who is quite the hilarious show.

Who’s your favorite of the Hammertime Pants Dancers? And do you think the cops who chased them away actually slapped anyone with a funk-and-disorderly?