By Adam Markovitz
June 18, 2009 at 07:17 PM EDT

Forget Voldemort’s killing spree: The Potterverse is about to get its Melrose Place on judging by these newly-leaked posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (out July 15). Just check out the look on Hermione’s face as she watches Ron cozy up to Lavender.

And get a load of Harry, all serious and smitten, gearing up for his My Girl moment with Ginny (I know, I know: Macaulay Culkin was about half Harry’s age in that movie. There’s just something about those glasses…). This one in particular looks like it was made just so Potter fans can go nuts pasting their own heads over Ginny’s (feel free to share yours below!).

After the jump, we also get glimpses of Draco, wand in hand, and the kooky Luna Lovegood. But really, from the posters, it looks like the Ron-Hermione-Lavender love triangle — which gets zero screen time in the trailer — is going to be front and center in the movie.


What do you think of the posters, PopWatchers? Are you excited for some grown-up romantic intrigue in the movie? Or would you be happier without it?

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