By Michael Ausiello
June 18, 2009 at 08:45 PM EDT
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It’s been more than a month since House fans learned that the much-heralded Huddy hookup was nothing more than a figment of Dr. Crabbypants’ unstable imagination and they’re still feeling a tad sexually frustrated. Not to mention a little duped by producers who months earlier promised to take the long-simmering relationship to the next level. What do those crazy kids have to say for themselves? And what’s in store for Huddy in season 6? Find out after the jump…

“I don’t think we cheated them [but] I do think we teased them,” series creator David Shore admitted last night just prior to taking the stage for a House-centric panel discussion at the Paley Center for Media. “And I apologize for being a tease. But I don’t think we cheated fans because that was a legitimate storyline that made sense. And we will follow up on it.

“It’s not like it didn’t matter,” Shore elaborated. “The fact that House had that hallucination is extremely significant. It was not like he woke up in a shower and all of last year was just a dream. It wasn’t what you might have thought it was going to be, but it was big. That was a glimpse into what House desires.”

Shore’s Housemate, exec producer Katie Jacobs, said that while she understands why some fans felt misled, she insisted that making viewers think the sex was real was imperative to the story. “We could not let [on] that the actual events that he imagined were not real beforehand,” she explained. “The audience needed to experience [House’s hallucinations] as though they were real because that is what he did.”

Echoing Shore’s comments, Jacobs said the fake sex will have very real repercussions for Huddy once House is sprung from the asylum (House returns Sept. 21). “I don’t think he hallucinated that scenario with someone he works with and someone he has feelings for in some random way,” she pointed out. “I think that was his mind telling him something, and I think fans can count on that story not being over yet. For me, that was the twist that was most symbolic of how serious his mental illness is. Hearing a voice that manifests itself as Amber is one sort of random thing, but Cuddy is a real person who is still alive and still in his life. It is meaningful, just not in the way that Huddy fans were hoping for.”

It was certainly meaningful to Lisa Edelstein, who didn’t hallucinate making out with Hugh Laurie. “Even though it didn’t happen for real, I got to shoot that scene — and I might get to shoot another later on down the road,” she said with a laugh. Edelstein then delivered this message to Huddy fans: “Stay with me. Give Huddy time. Don’t give up hope.”

Indeed, Shore said he’s “absolutely open” to the possibility of Huddy having actual sex this season. “That’s not to say it will happen or won’t,” he hedged. “We are just starting to work on next season and it is not all decided. But clearly he wants it to happen — at least subconsciously. And I think we know that Cuddy likes him, too.”

Okay, Huddy fans: Are you buyin’ what they’re sellin’? Do you agree that the end justified the means? Sound off below! (Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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