While watching the brief, 40-second teaser for HBO’s new half-hour crime-comedy Bored to Death, I got the vague impression of deja vu. Wes Anderson troupe member Jason Schwartzman plays a struggling Brooklyn writer who uses his detective-novel book smarts to become a private detective. Hmm…that sounds pretty reminiscent of Nathan Fillion’s character on Castle, right?

Similarities aside, I’d say Bored to Death looks like the most promising HBO show in ages. (Showtime has steadily been trumping the network in both comedies and drama.) I like the show’s retro look and sardonic tone, and I love that Zach Galifianakis will play Schwartzman’s wingman. How awesome is it that the offbeat comic is finally breaking out in a major way this year? (Answer: Very.) Let’s hope the bearded fellow can replicate his Hangover success and steal every scene in Bored to Death too. And if Schwartzman and Galifianakis aren’t enough to sell you, Parker Posey, Ted Danson and Kristen Wiig (!) are all set to appear on the series as well. Watch the teaser below and tell us: Will you watch Bored to Death when it debuts in September? And does the show look like a trendier-version of Castle to you, too?