By Mandi Bierly
Updated June 18, 2009 at 09:29 PM EDT

Wanted: Your questions for Bear Grylls. Why: We’re sitting down with the Man vs. Wild host tomorrow when he’s in town to promote his role as a Distinguished Instructor at Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Academy, “the world’s premier institution for the education anddissemination on the study of being interesting” or, as I like to call it, “one hell of a marketing campaign.” Grylls’ online course, “Survival in the Modern Era”, went live today. The five-part tongue-in-cheek web series teaches urbanites valuable skills in commuting, ensuring personal safety, eating (rat? with mint apparently), overcoming obstacles, and making an entrance. It features a theme song that is half Mission: Impossible and half Priceline (Ne-go-ti-a-tor!), and is guaranteed to delight fans of hearing the word “heli.” I think my favorite is “Making an Entrance”: We get a butt shot, some of the best impromptu high bar work since Kurt Thomas in Gymkata, and Bear donning the tux that, in my dreams, he’s wearing for our 9:30 a.m. chat.

Submit your questions, and I’ll make sure Bear hears the best of the best. They don’t have to be Most Interesting, just interesting. I, for example, am dying to know what the plan was to get Will Ferrell down that 100-ft. drop if Ferrell had succeeded in lowering Grylls first during their special Men vs. Wild episode. Also, why did he bring a heat-absorbing black T-shirt into the Sahara that time? Because he knew he’d end up peeing on it and wearing it around his head to stay cool, and that survival technique wouldn’t have looked pretty on a lighter hue? If you need more inspiration than that, catch Grylls on Letterman tonight or read his highly informative 2008 Q&A with EW’s Dan Snierson. An excerpt:

Would you rather cross a slow-moving river that contains piranhasand candiru [the tiny, parasitic fish that supposedly swim up yoururethra while you’re peeing in the water] or violent rapids thatcontained no scary fish?
The fast one is probably moredangerous. Only certain piranhas will attack humans, and only whenthere’s real limited food source. As for those candiru, I’d go throughthe river and not pee while I’m crossing it. And keep my pants on.

addCredit(“Casey Rodgers/AP Photos”)