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After five long years, Warner Bros. finally released the second season of its gone-too-soon show Everwood on DVD today. That’s right: The show, which lasted four seasons until its cancellation in 2006 around the birth of the CW, has only had one season available for your home-viewing pleasure. (And that season came out way back in 2004.) As someone who caught Greg Berlanti’s series a bit too late and has only seen the first season on DVD, this is very exciting news, indeed. Now, finally, the first season’s big cliffhanger — whether Dr. Brown (the excellent Treat Williams) can save the life of Amy Abbott’s boyfriend, Colin — will no longer be a mystery. (I still don’t know, but I can make an educated guess, though.)

It only took one season for Everwood to strike me as something special — an intelligent, warmhearted family drama that dealt with serious issues but also had a sort of comforting preciousness to it. (Must be the lush mountain scenery. Makes you want to light the fireplace and drink hot chocolate.) More importantly, the show treated its teenage characters as real people, instead of obnoxious, over-sexualized stereotypes. With nothing much on TV right now, reestablishing my crush on Emily VanCamp sounds like a great alternative. Let’s just hope the wait for season 3 isn’t, you know, another five years.

Are there any Everwood fans still out there? Are you planning on buying the DVD? And is anyone else glad to have this theme music (below) back in their life?