By Mandi Bierly
June 17, 2009 at 08:35 PM EDT

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford tops People‘s Hottest Bachelors list. It’s an interesting choice: The show isn’t huge in the ratings (or airing new episodes at the moment), but his biceps do look good in a summer polo. I like it. While I look forward to dissecting that issue on Friday the way I did Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit extravaganza — only enjoying the hour I spend staring at it in my office so much more — let’s take a peek at the online tease:

• I love that it took two women to interview Crawford. Translation: His hotness is so great that it must be diffused by two pairs of eyes. Note: I’ll need to have Annie in my office when I look at his photos just in case…

• Chace likes a woman who can beat him at beer pong and watch football. I can do that!

• Chris Pine: I don’t find this photo of him bruised in Star Trek all that hot, I’ve got to be honest. I’m guessing it’s not the one in the magazine.

• Shia LaBeouf: Which movie do I need to see to make me “get” him?

• Adam Lambert: Classic crotch shot.

90210‘s Ryan Eggold and Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz: Looks like Hot “Bromantic” Bachelors is a category this year. I guess these two are posing as Butch and Sundance? This has the potential to be as awesomely bad as last year’s Mario Lopez recreation spread. Friday cannot come soon enough.

• Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Finally, someone in his 30s!

• Brody Jenner: I was going to skip him entirely, because I don’t do The Hills, but he’s recreating a Harlequin romance novel cover. And better, apparently more Bachelors do this in the issue. Who else agreed to that? Again, cannot wait.

• Common: This quote will be tough to beat: “One of the most extreme things I’ve done is be extremely in love. It was just the whole lifestyle I chose; I sat down and helped plant a garden with her! That went a little too far for me. But I was trying to be in a balanced relationship and do some of the things that she would enjoy, too. Then afterward you think, ‘Dang — did I do all that?‘”

• Taylor Kitsch: Action movie stars are apparently very hot.

• Ha! I just realized that Trojan is advertising next to this gallery. GENIUS.

• Robert Pattinson: Has Chace Crawford ever been mauled the way Robert Pattinson was Monday in New York? Just asking.

How do you feel about Crawford taking the title? And who else do you hope makes the cut? I’m happy to see that inset of The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper on the cover.

addCredit(“Janet Mayer/PR Photos”)