By Ken Tucker
Updated June 16, 2009 at 03:42 PM EDT

I pretty much love Nurse Jackie; I’m already rooting for Edie Falco to get an Emmy next year. And I enjoyed this week’s second episode, especially the subplot about the violent patient who punched Jackie (“This happens,” was her simple yet eloquent response), yet to whom Jackie showed compassion and helped.

Having seen a few more episodes beyond this week’s, I know how much you’re going to enjoy Nurse Jackie as it proceeds. But this week’s episode, entitled “Sweet-N-All,” revealed the series’ one weak spot: the cartoonishly written role the terrific Anna Deavere Smith has to tackle as hospital administrator Mrs. Akalitus. That whole Akalitus-drinks-Jackie’s-percocet-spiked-coffee scene, that was pretty predictable and corny, didn’t you think?

But if that’s the only complaint I can come up with, this is a pretty darn good show, right? And next week, Eli Wallach guest stars as a patient in a super-fine episode.

What did you think of Nurse Jackie in its second week? Still enjoying it?