You thought Mimi was emancipated? Au contraire! She is “Obsessed.” That would be the five-octave pop superstar’s lead single — written and produced by herself, Tricky Stewart and the-Dream (why the hyphen? Nobody-knows) — from her upcoming 12th album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, the followup to last year’s E=MC2.

It goes to radio nationally today, where it will undoubtedly be only a hop, skip and a wet-t-shirt-contest jump (nice photo, Meems!) to YouTube; we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you follow her Twitter, you know she’s been talking about the song for days — describing it alternately as “an uptempo summer fun record,” “seriously my favorite song ever,” and “different for me, but clearly, it’s SO me!” Judge for yourself when you hear it — and tell us if it is also, in fact, so you — and if you’ll be buying Memoirs when it drops August 25.

Update: it’s available now below, and apparently that’s Eminem she’s calling “delusional.” Slim Shady, methinks you got served. Does this sound like a fair response to the Mariah-related shenanigans on Em’s recent “Bagpipes from Baghdad”?: