By Ken Tucker
Updated June 16, 2009 at 08:11 PM EDT

One of your favorites and mine, Better Off Ted, returns to ABC’s schedule tonight. This evening, Ted will be a rerun but a fine one, the episode called “Racial Sensitivity.” (Remember this edition, about how Veridian’s new state-of-the-art sensor security system fails to detect the company’s black employees, how horrified Ted is, and how angry Lem is, about this problem?)

Next week, however, we start getting a batch of new Teds. This is summer television to be savored, and a way to tide us over until (hooray again!) Better Off Ted begins its new season in the fall.

But show your support now and watch the summer Teds and e-mail ABC about how psyched you are that they’ve rescued a worthy show. You’ll be glad you did.