By Annie Barrett
Updated June 16, 2009 at 08:34 PM EDT

On last night’s series premiere of HBO’s Joe Buck Live, the “comedy roundtable” portion of the show ended up completely dominated by The Howard Stern Show‘s Artie Lange, who ran his mouth in typical Artie Lange fashion until Buck became visibly uncomfortable and defensive in his own odd, mild-mannered way. “I’m sorry to ruin your f—ing great show,” said Lange, to which Buck (whose tweets have more pizazz than his speech would suggest) calmly replied, “I appreciate the apology, because you have.” The most bizarre part of the whole scene is that upon close inspection, it turns out popular actors Paul Rudd and Jason Sudekis were sitting there, too. The whole f—ing time! Check out the NSFW (duh) clip:

Without Lange’s antics, I’m pretty sure most people would never have realized that an HBO series called Joe Buck Live premiered last night. Well played, producers.

Meanwhile, the foul-mouthed, outrageous-by-design Lange complained to the Daily News that although he guested on Late Night over a dozen times, Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show producers won’t have him on the show in the earlier time slot. (The Tonight Show had no comment.) Do you think Artie Lange has a place in the 11:30 hour with his old buddy Conan, or is he too much for network TV that airs when humans are still awake?