By David Yi
Updated December 20, 2019 at 02:06 AM EST

Sexy stars who bite into juicy hunks of meat never cease in making us salivate. Case in point: Paris Hilton, Padma Lankshmi, and most recently, Audrina Patridge, who all starred in succulent Carl’s Jr. commercials in the past years. The ads have the celebs seductively lick their fingers and playfully bite into giant-sized Six Dollar Burgers while unabashedly tussling their hair. Yum.

Apparently, this over-sexualization of fast food has given new meaning to the term heart-stopping, as rival chain, Burger King, has released their own cheeky (and dare I say sexy) ad starring none other than America’s/Britain’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan. The ad, which Morgan swears on SuBo’s life is his own body, has the former Celebrity Apprentice winner laying in the nude with a BK gold chain dangling around his neck, and only a royal blanket shielding his manhood. Surprisingly, the ad is flattering — we expected a Simon Cowell-esque body, moobs and all — and we’ll admit to taking a second glance at the former British tabloid editor.

So, fellow PopWatchers, maybe you can help with this intense quandary this ad has put me in.
Did BK really believe that Piers Morgan’s body and hidden sex appeal alone could seriously sell more burgers? Was it that the ‘have it your way’ company wanted to passive aggressively jab at Carl’s Jr. ads, making a statement on how ludicrous the idea of selling burgers with scantily clad bodies really is? Or was it that they simply ran out of any good ideas and said screw it, a half naked man’s hairy body will suffice in whetting the general public’s appetite?