By Jean Bentley
Updated June 15, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Hey guys, how about that Internet! Am I right? I’m all for Facebook (and I’m warming to Twitter), but I’m not sure it needed to be incorporated into EVERY SINGLE SEGMENT of the premiere of MTV’s It’s On With Alexa Chung. Seriously: A show-long contest implored viewers to Tweet photos of themselveswatching the episode with stuff on their heads, an entire segment wasdedicated to ”It’s complicated” relationships on Facebook, another focused on a YouTube star beatboxer, musical guest Soulja Boy admitted tomeeting the ladies via Twitter, and he even shouted out the site at the endof his performance of ”Turn My Swag On.” Those near-constant Internet references, combined with the model-turned-TV host’s painstakingly quirky but actually totally calculated bio (like when you spent two hours perfecting your first MySpace profile so it had that ”I threw this together in five minutes, look how effortlessly funny I am” vibe), make it clear that the show’s producers are trying desperately to be hip and now, and they really want Alexa to be your new BFF.

The problem is, I’m still not sure why I’m supposed to like her. She seemed witty enough, throwing in one-liners between scripted banter, but her hosting style was too abrupt (girlfriend needs to learn how to work a transition better than ”moving on”). Then again, she’s British (sweet) and she blatantly mocked surprise guests Heidi and Spencer Pratt to their faces (”Spencer, I’m very excited about your rap career”; on Heidi’s ”classy” nude photos: ”If I want a classy photo, I go to Playboy”). So I can’t help but love her for that.

In the end, I just wish we got to know a little more about Alexa before being thrust into her ”world.” Moody rock music over montage of New York City sites as opening credits + loft apartment set does not = a rapport. If the producers could quit it with the forced hipness, tone down the technology references (we get it, you’re totally down with what the kids are up to these days), and save some segments for later shows so the interviews don’t need to be conducted at such a rapid-fire pace, I could find myself tuning in. As it is, I need to see a bit more unscripted personality before I can fully get on board with her Chelsea Handler-for-the-Millennials shtick. It’s only her first show, though, so I’ll definitely give her some time to work out the kinks.

Did anyone else catch the premiere of It’s On With Alexa Chung? Were you as overloaded with the web references as I was? What was your favorite segment? Do you think the series shows promise, or are you already over it?

addCredit(“Blossom Berkofsky/MTV”)